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Do you need a bankruptcy attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia area? Well you have come to the right place. With personalized representation from a qualified Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer, you can face your financial hardships head-on, without undue stress. Whether you need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia or need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, we can help you every step of the way. We will educate you and give you Chapter 13 bankruptcy information and Chapter 7 bankruptcy information.

Many people ask, “What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?” or “What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?” We can explain all the different forms of bankruptcy protection and even give you alternatives to bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy in Georgia can be tough and you want an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney that is going to offer effective and aggressive representation. The Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers is on your side. We will make sure that you are informed and educated about bankruptcy in Georgia. Call now for a free bankruptcy consultation. Don’t forget to ask about our reasonable bankruptcy attorney fees...  Read More


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Has your Social Security Disability Claim been denied? Are you unable to work and not sure about your Social Security eligibility? The Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers is here to help. We understand that Social Security Disability forms can be a headache for many. If you have been denied Social Security Disability, we can help. Our office also handles social security disability appeals. We will go over the qualifications for social security disability and help you get the benefits that you need. If you need an attorney for your social security disability appeal issue, call us at 678-964-7291 for a free consultation....  Read More

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No matter your circumstances, we will treat you with respect. Whether you are facing a bankruptcy in Atlanta, Georgia or a DUI charge in Decatur, Georgia, we will aggressively represent you. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust.

At the Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers, we understand that the legal system can be a confusing and even terrifying maze. Let us be your guide as we navigate through the bankruptcy, social security disability, and criminal law system. At the Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers, we understand that everyone has a unique case, and as a result, you will receive the specialized attention that you deserve. We do not view our clients as just another file, but we realize that everyone has different needs depending on their specific case.

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