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Understanding Social Security Disability

Has a physical injury or mental strain prevented you from being able to perform on the job? Trying to obtain disability benefits on your own can be an overwhelming task. Let the Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers fight for your benefits while you focus on getting your health back in order.

If you have worked in the past and have recently become disabled, you may be eligible to receive social security insurance benefits. If you have worked, you have paid into social security, which was typically paid through your payroll deductions. Some of the claimants are usually workers who have become injured or ill (mentally or physically) and can no longer function in their respective job due to the medical condition. In addition, individuals who have remained healthy often beginning at the age of 65 can start receiving their benefits.

Fighting for your benefits on your own can be stressful and intimidating. We will help to get you the benefits that you need.

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At the Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers, we understand that the legal system can be a confusing and even terrifying maze. Don't worry any further because you have come to the right place. Let us be your guide as we navigate through the bankruptcy, social security disability, and criminal law system. At the Law Office of Melissa J. Sawyers, we understand that everyone has a unique case, and as a result, you will receive the specialized attention that you need. We do not view our clients as just another file, but we realize that everyone has different needs depending on their specific case. We will respond quickly and give you the most relevant information and perspective on your case. Please call us at 678-964-7291 for a free consultation or fill out the form on this page.

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